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Dear Young Musicians, I am proud to be part of CCMF. Participating in competitive events with first-class adjudicators helps prepare you for a career in music. Competitions foreshadow the real world of the professional musician and are an indispensable part of one's musical training. Public performance also provides an opportunity to share the fruits of your labor with an appreciative and supportive audience. I extend my congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes for your continued musical success.

Dr. William Chapman Nyaho

I have great hopes for the CCMF competition. A great deal of thoughtful consideration has gone into the planning of the event, and their stated goals of encouraging young musicians to pursue mastery of their instruments and excellence in performance are spot on. The competition occupies an interesting niche for students who are looking to expand their performing experience in a real-world competitive environment that is genuinely supportive of their efforts.

Michael Gesme, Conductor, Central Oregon Symphony